... teach students how to prevent alcohol-related incidents.

eTIPS Online Training - Overview

eTIPS University training is a self-paced, innovative approach to bring an effective alcohol education program to your campus. The online program is designed to empower participants to make safe, smart decisions to prevent alcohol-related problems. Whether or not students choose to drink, eTIPS University recognizes that at some point in their college careers, they will face situations where alcohol is being consumed. They may encounter scenarios involving alcohol abuse, underage drinking, or drunk driving, and incidents that can lead to sexual assault, property damage, alcohol liability, and human tragedy. eTIPS University provides students with the skills and techniques they need and empowers them to intervene in situations where their peers are misusing alcohol.

Bringing eTIPS to Your Campus

There are several ways to deliver eTIPS training on your College or Universities campus, including:

  • Students

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  • Web Links

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  • Personal Responsibility

    Presents information to help participants understand their personal responsibility in both legal and social context for preventing alcohol-related problems.

  • Alcohol Information

    Describes how alcohol affects people, signs of intoxication to look for, and relevant information about alcohol that participants can use to better assess when their peers are getting into trouble with alcohol.

  • Intervention Information

    Presents effective tools that participants can use to keep their friends safe and information to help them develop confidence to intervene when a friend needs help and support.

  • Recognizing Cues in Alcohol-Related Situations

    Participants review video clips to allow them to assess a student's level of visible intoxication or indicate if there is the potential for alcohol misuse.

  • Evaluating Intervention Responses

    Participants review video clips to allow them to see how people use (or not use) the intervention guidelines and strategies presented in the course.

  • Putting It All Together

    Participants will use all the information they learned in the course to complete a video scenario, making decisions on how the situation should proceed. We recommend trying the exercise more than once to see the different outcomes and options.

  • Certification Exam

    Allows the user to earn eTIPS certification by successfully completing the online certification exam.