... teach students how to prevent alcohol-related incidents.

Equip. Educate. Empower. Teach Students How to Prevent Alcohol-Related Incidents

TIPS for the University acknowledges that whether or not students choose to drink, they are likely to find themselves in situations where alcohol is being consumed. Unlike other programs, TIPS for the University teaches students intervention skills to prevent alcohol-related problems such as intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking among their peers. This practical 3-part program covers the essential knowledge and tools students need:


Information such as signs of intoxication, factors that affect the intoxication rate, intervention strategies, legal information, consequences of mixing alcohol with other drugs, tolerance, and other topics.

Skills Training

Skills training that engages students in a series of realistic scenarios to help develop their abilities to assess behavior and intoxication levels. Participants learn to determine appropriate responses to difficult situations.

Practice & Rehearsal

Practice and rehearsal where students take the information and skills they have learned and use them in role-playing exercises that challenge their ability to effectively intervene in difficult alcohol-related settings.

Students are in the best position to address drinking behaviors among their peers. They are close to the situations and understand the culture on their campuses. TIPS develops students’ social skills and provides specific information for detecting when friends have had too much to drink or are getting into trouble with alcohol. Students learn strategies and skills for intervening in alcohol-related situations that may develop on and off campus. Unique in its approach, TIPS brings together administrators, faculty, and students to create responsible campus environments.