... teach students how to prevent alcohol-related incidents.

Case Studies

TIPS for University is Proven Effective - Again!
TIPS for University as an intervention program can effectively reduce risky drinking behavior in high risk students

TIPS for the University Receives High Marks from SAMHSA
Helping students make sound choices when faced with difficult decisions about alcohol use

Spotlight on TIPS Training at St. Lawrence University
Helping to put students in the best position to make a change and keep their peers safe

TIPS Training: A College Approach (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Overcoming training challenges with an engaging format that resonates with campus communities

Southern Methodist University Receives Alcohol Awareness Award
Educating students on how to handle situations before they turn lethal

Milikin University: Case Study
Campus achieved impressive results with TIP training

United for Prevention in Passaic County (William Patterson University)
TIPS Award of Excellence recipients calls the TIPS program an “excellent preventative environmental strategy

Towson University Conducts Evaluation of TIPS for the University

Lehigh University: Case Study
Educational opportunities like TIPS training increase the likelihood of good decision-making and are vital on a college campus